When Was the SecondTemple Building Completed?  The Date of Death of Messiah Confirmed!  

by Murrell Selden (May 3, 2014 Revised 1/20/2016)

      The Second Temple of the Jews was built by the combined efforts of the many Israelites, and the completion of the temple building occurred in the days of Ezra the Prophet in the sixth year of Darius the King.  Historical chronology studies say that Darius I ruled from 522 B.C.E. to 486 B.C.E.  See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darius_I  (for the conventional viewpoint).  If this is true, the temple building was completed under the direction of Zerrubabel in 518 B.C.E. (as noted at Ezra 6:15, which says "And this house was finished on the third day of Adar, which is the sixth year of the reign of Darius the king of Persia.").  It should be noted that Ezra mentions Artaxerxes (Ezra 6:14), as Artaxerxes lived in his day, but historical chronology says he did not reign until 465 B.C.E.   The Temple building and foundation had been completed by 518 B.C.E., and these were the days of Haggai and Zecheriah (prophets).  It was later that the streets, moat, and walls were repaired.  Much of this was done in the days of Nehemiah from the 20th to 32nd year of prophetic work in Jerusalem, but he returned to Shushan before the work was completed.

 Here are links about Artaxerxes:   https://www.academia.edu/2421036/Dating_the_reigns_of_Xerxes_and_Artaxerxes  http://www.iranchamber.com/history/artaxerxes/artaxerxes.php

Year B.C.E. of  Artexerxes Years Reign Comment for Daniel 9:25 [62 weeks and 7 weeks of years, a.k.a. 69x7x360 prophetic days.]
463 1
458 6
457 7   Ezra in Jerusalem   Ezra 7::8-20  & Ezra 8:1-36  Listed people leaving for Jerusalem.
456 8
445 19
444 20      March 14th (in Adar still) -443   JD # 1559325.125  (Yeshua died 173,880 days later)
 Nehemiah 2  order to rebuild the walls etc. came about 20+ days later.
436 28
432 32 Nehemiah 5:14 ( "thirty-second year") &  Nehemiah 5:15 "wall came to completion" on Elul25,    which is about 9/08 (Julian  extended date of astronomers).
424 40 Death of Artexerxes.
396 49  June 30th (+ about 20 days) -395  JD #1,576,965.125  [nothing happened, just a  point along the way to 69 weeks of years]
33 C.E. April 4th (Nisan 14) -32    JD # 1559325.125    (69x7x360=173,880 days from Mar. 14, 444 B.C.E.

The 69 weeks of years is from the 20th year of Artexerxes.  That is 69x7x360 days or 173,880 days.  This is from , which  March 14th in 444 B.C.E.  That brings one exactly to the death of Yeshua in 33 C.E.  I think the numbers speak for themselves.  In this solution, I used the historical times of Artexerxes as noted in the paper on Xerxes and Arterxexes by Gerard Getoux.  It can be found on the internet at academia.edu.  I summary, Arterxes ruled from 463 through 424 B.C.E., a period of 40 years.  It appears that the order by Artexerxes  to rebuild the walls was about 20 days later in Nisan, but the period to the death of Yeshua was from Adar.  Nisan 1 that year was 4/2 of 444 B.C.E.  I suspect the "word" is referring to  the one who became Yeshua, who took action after the prayer in Nehemiah 1:1.

Personal Note:  I believe that the temple of Solomon was dedicated om 1020 B.C.E. (see link http://pmcbags.com/ruledoc.html).  As I believe temples were dedicated in Jubilee years, I suspect 520 B.C.E. is the actual date for the sixth year of Darius I  (rather than 518 B.C.E.).  Jesus came to dedicate the temple of his body in 29 C.E. (and that is a Jubilee year, which he announced at probably the Festival of Lights in 29 C.E., also known as Hanukkah, Dec. 20th, about the time of the solstice).  This was after he was baptized at about Tishri 10 to Tishri 23 and then was tempted by Satan for 40 days.  It should be noted that Zerrubabel came out of Babylonish captivity just after 537 B.C.E.  along with Mordecai.    They were not children, and Mordecai was an uncle to Ester.  I believe the book of Ester was also in the chronological era of building the temple building.  I believe she was probably 30 when she married Xerxes.  See the link:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xerxes_I.  Conventional chronology, per the link,  would make Ester being married to Xerxes (Ester 2:16) in his 4th year.