How old was Joshua at the Exodus?   What was the 450 years at Acts 13:18-21?

Acts 13:18-21 (WEB)

 18 For a period of about forty years he put up with them in the wilderness. 19 When he had destroyed seven nations in the land of Canaan, he gave them their land for an inheritance for about four hundred fifty years. 20 After these things, he gave them judges until Samuel the prophet.21 Afterward they asked for a king, and God gave to them Saul the son of Kish, a man of the tribe of Benjamin, for forty years.

Birth 20 Years Before the Exodus

Joshua has succeeded as Messiah type as the land was distributed  to the 12 tribes of Israel.  When was that? The first Jubilee was 1470 B.C.E.  - 50 = 1420 B.C.E.  Promptly we are told Joshua died at 110 years of age (Joshua 24:29). So, if Joshua was 110 years old at 1420 B.C.E, then going back 110 years brings one to 1530 B.C.E. (20 years before the Exodus). This confirms Num 11:28 which indicates that he was a young man. So, then Joshua was born in 1530 B.C.E.

Start of the 450 Years Keyed to Exodus in 1510 B.C.E.

When did the 450 years start?  I would note this whole process started with Moses leaving Egypt in 1510 B.C.E..   This same timeline point is also the starting point for the 400 years back to the birth of Isaac in 1910 B.C.E. (near when he was abused by Ishmail).  I have already studied the Kingship of David, which began about 1075 B.C.E. (when he was anointed as King, 2 Sa 16:14) by Samuel.  

And Regarding the Period of the Judges:  1420 Jubilee  of Joshua minus Death of Samuel in 1070 B.C.E. = 350 Years

 Samuel died about 15 years after the start of reign of King David ( 1075  B.C.E.).   Where King Saul and Samuel died the same year, but Samuel died first (else  Saul would not have consulted the witch of Endor). So, 1510-1060=450 year.  Most chronologists think that Saul's reign is butt to butt with King David's reign, but this is a mistake as can be seen from this accounting of the 450 years.  

Summary: Acts 13:16-20 is found true, 450 years (1510-1060)

(1) It was 1550 B.C.E. when Moses struck down an Egyptian (Exodus 2:11-12).  He was 40 and fled to Midian and it was his birthday (Adar 7).
(2) It was 1510 B.C.E. when he came back from Midian and brought people out.  He was 80.
(3) It was 1470 B.C.E. when going into Jerusalem after wilderness wandering.  Moses was 80, died on Adar 7.
(4) It was 1420 B.C.E. (first Jubilee after Exodus) when Joshua conquest done.
(5) It was 1060 B.C. E. when Samuel the prophet died. After this Ishbosheth contended with King David 2-3 more years.

[Hope this analysis is correct.  Caution advised.  I make mistakes sometimees.


As told by the Apostle Paul, I checked these things against the scriptures, as did the Bereans.   I will be glad to receive email from anyone at, where my old website on the birth of Jesus was begun.  Goto for details on how I found the birth of Jesus at Sivan 6 in 2 B.C.E. (which turned out to be a major clue or key to Bible chronology).  Getting the birthday of Jesus is fundamental to chronology studies, for Jesus is the "rock" and any chronologies not built on the "rock" are not on a sound foundation.  Praise God, Jehovah [YHWH}, and GIVE HIM GLORY.  Praise him in song, because the wicked and ignorant give him pain.  He just wants appreciation and love (and to have his commands (and those of the Father obeyed).  What is another way that I know Jesus was born on Sivan 6.  Well one way is that Jesus was 30 in 29 C.E., which was a Jubilee year per Luke 4,  All Jubilee years are multiples of 50 years apart.  So, this would mean that 1520 B.C.E.  was a Jubilee year (start of the process of the Exodus).  That in turn means that the Exodus happened in 1510 B.C.E.  That year the the word was given on stone tablets (the Bible says Sivan 6).  Since Jesus was the "word made flesh," I determined the "Bethlehem Star" (conjunction of Venus and Jupiter might be found there).  Yes, Stellarium (astronomy program) found it right there marking the Ten Commandments on Sivan 6, 1510 B.C.E.  Now that means I could find the birthday of Moses in 1550 B.C.E. [when he was 40] and at 1590 B.C.E. when he was born.  So, I looked at 1550 B.C.E. and found the birth of Moses marked 8 days after his birth with the "Bethlehem Star" on Adar 15, and Adar 8 was 8 days before .  This is verified as to month and day by the Talmud (  Note:  That Talmud reference says that Moses was born 2377 years after the creation of the world (so 1590+2377= 3967 B.C.E. for creation of the world).  I found the year of creation of Adam earlier, so I do not think the Jews got the year right.  But looks like the month and day are correct and verify Moses, the Exodus, and birth of Jesus by the "Bethlehem Star."

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