Birth and Conception of King David ( A Chronology Study)

by Murrell G. Selden
December 31, 2015


Previously I had found that Jesus was conceived in 3 B.C.E. on Tishri 1 (Feast of Trumpets), and his conception was marked by the in the skies by the conjunction of Jupiter with Regulus.  Here is the birth of John & Jesus  scheme as dertermined from my interpretation of Luke 1 below.  I had previously determined the date of the Exodus as 1510 B.C.E. (by several different ways).  I knew King David was 30 when he began to rule, though he was probably 30 in the year before too, because he was said to be born near Sivan 6 (according to tradition).  But I found this almost true by the "Bethlehem Star Theory" and believe he was born 6/10 of 1105 B.C.E. .  See the Stellarium (astronomy program) birth picture below with my determinations added.

Now, the conception of Yeshua in the chart below was on Tishri 1 in 3 B.C.E., and it was marked by the conjunction of Regulus and Jupiter.  So, I figured to go back near Tishri 1 via Stellarium (astronomy program) and see if anything similar for King David.
That picture is below too.

Missing chart of birth sequence

Here is the rulership picture of the sky for King David in 1074 B.C.E.  which began in Nisan 1.  But he was 30 in 1075 B.C.E., so his birth was 30 years earlier in 1105 B.C. E.  And this is what the sky pictures show.

missing pic

Here is a Stellarium Sky Picture  for the birth of King David in 1105 B.C.E.

Missing sky pic for birth of King David

Picture for Conception of King David Showing Conjunction of Venus with Regulus in 1106 B.C.E.

Missing sky pic for conception


If these pictures are correct ( I have confidence in the one for the birth of Jesus), then King David was conceived on a conjunction of Regulus with Jupiter, the same as for Yeshua, but not on Tishri 1.  When Jesus was born, the sign was a conjunction of Venus with Jupiter.  But for King David it was a conjunction of Venus with Regulus.  The birth period for King David appears to be 43 weeks, which happens sometimes now.  His birthdate appears to be Sivan 14 instead of Sivan 6, which was expected.  For reference the Julian Day numbers are as follows:   

 Birth of King David  conjunction (1317983).

 Conception of King David (1317687). 

Jewish tradition suggests that King David both was born and died on Shavuot, which seems close., if the above analysis is correct.