Some Bible Chronology Study Links 

by Murrell Selden,  September 27, 2015 (revised October 17th)

Introduction:  These various links utilize the scriptures to date events of the Bible by what I call  "The Bethlehem Star Theory" which is based upon Gensis 1:14.  This theory pinpoints the Exodus, birth of Jesus, Birth of Moses, the creation of Adam, and the birth of Abram, and the birth of Isaac with conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter. King James Bible  And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days.

Studies of the Birth of Jesus and John the Baptizer and Chronology of King Herod   

Birth Sequence  of John the Baptizer and Jesus Christ

Letter to Lovers of God After the Manner of the Apostle Luke

Evidence of  Birth Dates of Jesus from Lost Books of the Bible Chronology

 On the Chronology from the Birth of Adam Through The Time of Abraham

Chronology of Moses:  Birth and Death

Chronology of Jacob and Joseph 

Chronology of Herod's Death

Chronology of Joshua

Jesus (Yeshua) Is the Light of the World and Importance As Standard for Chronology Studies

Six Millenia from the Creation of Adam to New Jerusalem

About Lost Books of the Bible

The Jewish Calendar In the Year Jesus Died on a Torture Stake in 33 C.E.

Chronology of  King David:  Birth and Rule

Chronology of the Kings of Judah

Chronology of Rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem (Second Temple)

Second Temple Chronology

Chronology of Herod the Great

About Wars of the Jews and Hanukkah

Information About Santa

Chronology of Essar-Haddon and Hezekiah King of Judah

View of Life as a Young Man

Note:  Many other studies have been done.  Hopefully these chronology studies will help gain a better understanding of the Bible.

All these studies may be freely shared.   There could be more links added, so check back.  This site should be here as long as I can  function.  If these dates are wrong, this theory of chronology seems to be close to the facts at least.  This theory pinpoints the birth of Jesus, Birth of Moses, and the Exodus, and the birth of Abram with conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter and even some other conjunctions as in the case of Moses.  Some of these links may not have been updated and may contain errors, so be sure to check other links here to see if the subject is covered.  Bible chronology studies take a lot of time, and almost no one is able or desirous to work on it.  No one paid me.  I hope someone cares.  You can email me, and try to make a point.  All comments should be honest, not simply an attack against my beliefs.  Give reasons and evidence.

I am 71, but you can email me at Murrell