Chronology of Abram thru Adam and Deluge Estimated from  Theorectical Jubilee Year for Creation of Adam  
                                                                             by Murrell  Selden   02/14/2016
Year B.C.E.  Son Born Father Was Scripture Add Years To Jewish Traditon (Talmud)
2020 Abram Terah Ge 11:26 70 2020 (1948 from creation)
2090 Terah Nahor Ge 11:24 29
2119 Nahor Serug Ge 11:22 30
2149 Serug Reu Ge 11:20 32
2181 Reu Peleg Ge 11:18 30
2211 Peleg Eber Ge 11:16 34
2245 Eber Shelah Ge 11:14 30
2275 Shelah Arpachshad Ge 11:12 35
2310 Arpachshad Shem Ge 11:10 2 Shem is 100 years old.  Deluge ended 2012. 
2313 Deluge start from Adam

But Josephus said 1556 after creation, 2411 is wrong!
2314  -------------------- Noah Ge 7:6 (500+100=600) Noah is 600 before the Deluge.
2414  Shem Noah Ge 5:32 500 Noah father to Shem, Ham and Japeth.
2914 Noah Lamech Ge 5:28 182 Believed born 12/28 of 2914 B.C.E.
3096 Lamech Methuselah Ge 5:25 187
3283 Methuselah Enoch Ge 5:21 65
3348 Enoch Jared Ge 5:18 162
3510 Jared Mahalael Ge 5:15 65
3575 Mahalael Kenan Ge 5:12 70
3645 Kenan Enosh Ge 5:9 90
3735 Enosh Seth Ge 5:6 105
3840 Seth Adam Ge 5:3 130  
3970 Adam Jah

3967 B.C.E. (2377 from birth Moses, found at 1590 B.C.E.)
The choice of 3970 B.C.E. is based upon a Jubilee year determination by me.  See my estimation based upon 29 C.E. as a Jubilee year.
The calculation of the Deluge as 1556 years after creation is in error.  In 20 generations, births and deaths are not butt-to-butt.  If the meaning of a year is "in his 30th year" for example, then he may have been 30.1 or 30.15.   What did the Talmud Megillah 13b say?  It said in one place creation was "2377 years from the birth of Moses".  It said Abram was born "1948 years from creation."
 The above table made by adding the Masoretic text increments from theoretical Jubilee year of 3970 B.C.E.

This pic below was determined from the "Bethlehem Star Theory" and scriptures noted on the pictures.    If Abram were born in 2020 B.C.E.,  per the Talmud or the cumulative years from 3970 B.C.E., there is  a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter near  Sivan 6, 2020 B.C.E.

Missing Abram birth pic.

What does the Babylonian Talmud say on page 2534:
"years; the house of the Makabaius reigned 103 years and the house of Herod reigned likewise  103 years. Now, according to this chronology there will be 206 years for the dominion of Romeover Israel. 1 Therefore, we must say that the 26 years in which they were true to their promise are not counted under their dominion. There is a Tosephtha: The disciples of Elijah taught: The world will continue for six thousand years, the first two thousand of which were a chaos (Tahu), the second two thousand were of Torah, and the third two thousand are the days of the Messiah,and because of our sins many years of these have elapsed, and still he has not come. 2 Let us see from what time the two thousand of Torah are reckoned. Shall we assume it to be the time whenthe Torah was given to Israel? Two thousand years have not elapsed as yet since. 3 We must therefore say that it means the time mentioned in [Gen. xii. 5]: "And the persons that they had obtained in Charan." And it is known by tradition that Abraham was then fifty-two years of age. And from his fifty-second year until the Torah was given, 448 years elapsed, and that number will complete the number of 2,000 which were less at the time the Tana taught about the 2,000..."
My comment:  But, tradition is wrong, because Genesis 12:5 is 75 years at that time.  448+53=500 comes from the belief that there are 400 years to the birth of Isaac and Isaac was born after 100 years.  But, the 400 years is not to the birth of Isaac.  I believe it is to the  pseudo sacrfice of Isaac when he was 10, and his brother  Ishmail was 24.  I wonder what "Tana taught".     

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