How to Calculate the Date of the Exodus: Birthday of Yeshua  Key

By Murrell Selden  December 9, 2015

Based upon Leviticus 25, Jehovah announced a Jubilee year to be held when Joshua went into the Promised Land(which was 40 years after the Exodus).  Ten years before the Exodus, was a Jubilee year too (but supposed not mentioned in the Bible, though obvious). Some have claimed that the year of events at  Luke 4  was not 29 C.E. , but I think it was for several reasons.  Number one is that Luke  was good at keeping times in order.  The other is that it works with the  "Bethlehem Star Theory."   Once you know for sure one date for a Jubilee year, all others can be computed.  The problem is then figuring out the number of Jubilees between the known event and the event you want the year for (here the example shows the computation for the coming into the Promised Land).

After the birthday of Jesus is known, relative periods can determine the Exodus (and more). Satan does not want the correct times known.  Why?  Because divine appointments are involved. There are still loads of people who believe Jesus was born in 4 B.C.E.  And numerous other absurd dates are put forth regularly. This is simply to "mislead the entire inhabited earth" as Satan has been good at.

There is no need to guess at the matter, for the Bible clearly shows that an intelligent, unseen person has been controlling both men and nations. It says: "The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one."The  Bible identifies him, saying:
“The one called Devil and Satan …is misleading the entire inhabited earth.”
[1 John 5:19 and Revelation 12:9]

29 C.E. for Yeshua at 30 Confirmed by the "Star of Bethlehem"  Near  Birth at  2 B.C.E.  (i.e. 30 minus 2+1=29)

I had computed for some years that Yeshua was born on Sivan 6.  I suspected  that since the Bible said he was the “word made flesh” perhaps the “Star of Bethlehem” conjunction of  Venus and Jupiter would be found. At Sivan 6 in the year of the Exodus. I was overjoyed to see it with, astronomy program Stellarium, , perfect!  Also, for Moses's 40th birthday, Adar 14 (birth Adar 7) in 1550 B.C.E. when he fled to Midian , and by calculation from when he died using a lunar phases chart and the scriptures (Deuteronomy  and Joshua).

Missing Exodus Calc Pic